Wireless Networks & Solutions

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Wireless Networks & Solutions

Services are innovative approaches that are closely related to the anticipated needs of your business for many years. You can analyse, strategize, and implement solutions that will increase company impact using the extensive experience and deep skill of sidinfotech. You must ensure that IT technology supports your company's long-term objectives.
In the wireless sector, sidinfotech offers a wide variety of solutions. Wi-Max point to point, point to multipoint, and OFDM distance communications are all included in our wireless solution.

Due to the particular characteristics of the outdoor environment, the deployment of a wireless network outside calls for an even higher level of specialist knowledge.

1.Point to Point Wireless

Common Point to Point uses include:

Building to Building Links

Additional Connections

Replacement of Fiber

Replacement of Leased Line

2.Point to Multi Point Wireless

Common Point to Point uses include:

Wi-Fi in public

Campus-wide broadband

Internet access at the campsite

Areas where cable cannot be installed

Network Services

                            Management & Maintenance

Network Management & Maintenance

The IT system for your business is powered by your network. It is essential..read more
                            Infrastructure Design & Upgrades

IT Infrastructure Design & Upgrades

To forestall any harm to introduced IT frameworks and foundations, consistent upkeep done by.. read more